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Tips for writing a resume for a sales manager

When hiring specialists for the place of a sales manager, regardless of the direction of the company, high demands are made on this employee. Indeed, the amount of revenue directly depends on how effectively he can organize his work and the work of his subordinates. Inability to negotiate with suppliers and buyers, lack of self-confidence or lack of knowledge of the laws of the market by a manager are the main reasons for poor sales of an enterprise.

To apply for the position of sales manager, it is important to offer the potential employer a well-written resume.

Typical resume structure requirements

Despite the absence of legally approved resume templates, the labor market uses the following sequence of information submission:

  1. name and surname of the job seeker (many recruiters admit that middle names are rarely used in modern companies);
  2. a photograph was taken in a business style;
  3. contact information – telephone, e-mail for communication. It is also optional to indicate the address of residence, this information is not important for the employer at the initial stage of the selection of candidates;
  4. the specific position the person is applying for. In this section, you can also specify the expected amount of remuneration for your work;
  5. enumeration of key competencies that will allow a specialist to perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to him. This includes knowledge and skills, professional achievements, and a set of personal qualities that characterize a sales manager as a proactive and successful employee;
  6. level of education – educational institution and specialty, year of graduation;
  7. completed training and courses;
  8. work experience from the last employer and so on to earlier ones;
  9. additional information: driving license, language skills, PC skills, etc.

When applied to a sales manager’s resume, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the driving experience is of utmost importance. The implementer must communicate with a wide variety of partners and always be mobile.

The subtleties of the resume

For a resume to have a normal look and be well received by the reader, the font and indentation must be consistent throughout the document. An exception is the names of sections, which are allowed to be formatted with a font 2 points larger than the rest of the text.

Specialists-recruiters do not recommend inserting tables into the resume, which can slide out, deform and spoil the external impression of the form when opening a document in different programs and operating systems. A high-quality portfolio with sales schedules at previous jobs or a developed system for increasing revenue can be issued with a short link to any of the cloud resources.

The 10 Top Things I Learned As A Sales Manager

Secrets that make your resume perfect:

  1. The photo should be taken against a light background, with no wallpaper or nature in the background;
  2. It is not worth writing several phone numbers for feedback so that the employer does not puzzle over where to call;
  3. When mentioning the e-mail address must be personal and not belong to any company (for example, the one where the job seeker is currently working);
  4. The combination of competencies and key experience is best done in a list, in short, 7-10 word sentences;
  5. It is better to list responsibilities in your own words, without quoting the provisions of job descriptions;
  6. The total length of the resume should not exceed 2 A4 pages.

If an applicant for the position of a sales manager has worked in numerous companies, this is alarming for employers. The norm if a person has been working in the 1st place for 2 to 3 years. When moving from one position to another within the same organizational structure, you need to indicate one employer with a brief description of official transfers.

Sales Manager Functions

A food sales manager and a car dealer differ only in the object of their professional skills. They have the same key responsibilities:

  • attracting new customers;
  • expansion of the sales market;
  • market monitoring, analysis of competitors’ activities;
  • quality control of products;
  • comprehensive support of partners in the use of goods;
  • assistance to the consumer in choosing;
  • execution of contracts, the conclusion of transactions;
  • negotiation and advertising campaigns;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • development of the company’s marketing policy;
  • preparation of online sales inquiries for management.

To fully implement these tasks, a sales manager must have several professional skills:

  1. with confidence in a computer and specialized software;
  2. know the psychology of the end consumer and the law of supply and demand;
  3. have experience in organizing large-scale presentations and promotions;
  4. be well versed in the products sold (if these are cars, the manager must understand the structure of vehicles and know the performance characteristics of specific brands).

Personality traits that will allow an employee to achieve better results at work:

  • persuasion skill;
  • initiative;
  • a high degree of responsibility;
  • communication skills;
  • stress resistance;
  • focus on results, etc.

You can view an example of a sales manager’s resume on the sipmledoc website. The site developers used a traditional document template, they offer the visitor to enter only their data and get a high-quality result in a few minutes.

In addition to tremendous time savings, the user receives a ready-made resume, downloads it to his PC or any other gadget, and sends it to potential employers. A convenient and simple solution to a complex problem!

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