We make a resume: Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager

How to write a sales resume and cover letter for logistics professionals

Do you want your resume to grab attention and be read to the end? Do you want to create a modern quality resume yourself? In that case, all you need is 60 minutes and this article.
Recommendations and examples can be used to write a sales resume for the following positions:

  • Dispatcher in logistics
  • Assistant Logistics Manager
  • Assistant Manager of Foreign Economic Activity and Logistics
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Supplier Relationship Specialist (back office)
  • Logistics specialist
  • Key Account Manager (Supply Chain Function)
  • Logistics Manager of the Transport Department
  • Railway Transport Manager
  • Purchasing and Logistics Manager
  • Transport and Logistics Manager
  • Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager
  • Leading Foreign Economic Activity Manager
  • Lead Logistics Manager
  • Chief Expert for Multimodal Logistics


  1. Preparation: SWOT Analysis Case
  2. Search Purpose
  3. Job Profile
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Sample Results and projects
  6. Key skills
  7. Professional qualities
  8. Examples for the About Me section and writing cover letters
  9. Bug fixing
  10. Sample Resume “Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager”
  11. Example of a cover letter for a job application: Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager


The first stage in the search for a new job is to collect information and analyze the professional competencies of the applicant, taking into account the requirements of the current labor market. A SWOT analysis will help identify strengths and weaknesses to correctly determine the positioning of the candidate.

Before you start creating a resume, read the article: The universal method of writing a selling resume. In it, I share the secrets I adhere to when writing a resume. You will learn how to independently conduct a SWOT analysis of your competencies using a case study. The case will also help to collect all the necessary information for writing a selling resume, which will be adapted to the modern requirements of the labor market for your search goal.

What is a selling resume? A selling resume is created for a specific search purpose, meets the requirements of vacancies for similar positions, and contains a certain set of keywords by which HRs identify applicants as the most suitable candidates for the initial selection of the resume.

Search target

The second stage is setting the goal of finding a job using SMART. Your search goal should be at the beginning of your resume

If you want to apply for a vacancy whose position name differs from your current position, please change it to the one indicated in the vacancy.

List of positions for which the examples in this article can be used:

Zero level positions (0):

  • Coordinator
  • Forwarder Assistant
  • Dispatcher in logistics
  • Transportation Department Manager
  • Assistant Logistics Manager
  • International Logistics Assistant
  • Assistant of Foreign Economic Activity Department
  • Logistic assistant to the transport department
  • Personal assistant to the head (logistics and foreign trade)
  • Assistant Manager of Foreign Economic Activity and Logistics
  • Junior Specialist of International Road Transport Department
  • Junior Supplier Relationship Specialist

First level positions (1):

  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Supplier Relationship Specialist (back office)
  • Logistics specialist
  • Internal Logistics Specialist
  • Rail Transport Specialist
  • Import Agent
  • Account Specialist

Second level positions (2):

  • Key Account Manager (Supply Chain Function)
  • Railway Logistics
  • Logistics Manager of the Transport Department
  • Railway Transport Manager
  • Purchasing and Logistics Manager
  • Procurement and Logistics Manager
  • Transport and Logistics Manager
  • Foreign Economic Activity Manager
  • Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager

Third level positions (3):

  • Leading Foreign Economic Activity Manager
  • Lead Logistics Manager
  • Chief Manager of the Container Transportation Department
  • Senior Specialist of Internal Logistics Department
  • Chief Expert for Multimodal Logistics

Important! If you don’t complete the first 2 steps, your resume will be:

  • is not interesting to the target audience;
  • will not reveal a professional background;
  • will not meet the main criteria for selecting candidates for the search purpose.

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Job profile: Logistics Manager and Foreign Trade

Job Profile is a standard of an ideal candidate, which contains a list of requirements for knowledge, skills, qualifications necessary for the successful fulfillment of official duties.

An employee in this position must have a whole range of competencies, which are described in the “Requirements” section of the published vacancy.

​​ Job description – a short version of the job profile, which includes a list of mandatory requirements for the initial selection of candidates by resume.

Position profile: Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager



  • Higher specialized education (logistics, transport management, management of freight forwarding services).
  • Additional education in the field of transport logistics/organization of logistics processes / foreign economic activity.

Work experience:

  • Experience in logistics.
  • Work experience in forwarding/transport companies/shipping companies.
  • Experience with shipping lines, forwarding, brokerage companies.
  • Experience with customs, specific cargo.
  • Experience in multimodal logistics (sea, river transport).
  • Experience in the field of rail freight.
  • Experience with procurement, tender sites.
  • Experience in supplier sourcing, delivery, and cargo tracking.
  • Experience in negotiating.
  • Experience with ERP/CRM /BA systems.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of economics and technology of warehouse processes, warehouse document flow, the basics of goods accounting.
  • Knowledge of the transport logistics management system.
  • Knowledge of the basics of foreign economic activity.
  • Knowledge of the specifics of the organization of international transport by various modes of transport.
  • Knowledge of the transport market, rules, and standards of cargo transportation.
  • Knowledge of transport documentation, the market of key players.
  • Knowledge of the principles of organization and maintenance of sea, auto, railway transportation.
  • Knowledge of contractual, legal, and financial aspects of logistics activities.
  • Knowledge of the requirements of customs authorities for the preparation and execution of a package of documents for customs clearance, the ability to work with TNVED.
  • Knowledge of import-export transport documentation (bill of lading, TN/TTN, CMR, TIR, ZhDN).
  • Knowledge of INCOTERMS.
  • Knowledge of operational accounting programs (SAP, 1C) and specialized transport management systems.
  • Skills of working with contracts.
  • Skill in negotiating, identifying needs, handling objections, defending a position.
  • Knowledge of English, written / technical (at least Intermediate (correspondence, calls).
  • Confident Excel user (pivot tables).

So, you have defined a specific search goal, collected a lot of information and studied materials, and also thoroughly approached the case “SWOT analysis of competencies” … What’s next?

Let’s move on to the third stage – writing a draft resume. Next, I’ll tell you what to look for when completing each section of your resume.


Below are lists of responsibilities for positions at different levels. These are the keywords/phrases used by HR managers to select candidates for their resume. Select from the list below those that correspond to your experience and arrange them on the resume according to the corresponding positions in the “Work experience” section.

Forwarder’s assistant/Coordinator

  • • Coordination of the work of drivers and forwarders employing telephone communication.
    • Documentation support of transportation.
    • Monitoring of the status of delivery of goods along the entire chain of routes.
    • Control of loading and unloading operations.
    • Reconciliation of consignment notes for the conformity of the shipped goods.
    • Revealing of defects.
    • Prompt solution of problem situations, acceptance of claims.

The dispatcher in logistics/Dispatcher of the transport department

  • • Search for goods at specialized sites.
    • Coordination of goods with brokers and drivers.
    • Maintaining primary documentation.
    • Processing applications for logistics.
    • Distribution of applications for the current and the next day.
    • Control of couriers entering the routes.
    • Entering waybills for the previous day, reconciliation of fuel and lubricants according to the report.
    • Assigning drivers to routes.
    • Solving problem situations.
    • Business correspondence by mail and negotiations by phone.

Assistant Manager of Foreign Economic Activity and Logistics

  • • Maintaining foreign trade contracts.
    • Document management: drawing up foreign trade contracts, issuing shipping, accompanying and payment documents, correspondence with foreign partners.
    • Coordination of terms of delivery, payment, and technical specifications with suppliers.
    • Work under supply contracts with customers for equipment, spare parts, and consumables, agreeing on terms of payment and technical specifications, organization of equipment delivery.
    • Negotiating with representatives of foreign suppliers.
    • Control of supplies and payments.
    • Verification of primary documents (packaging, invoices).
    • Correspondence with suppliers in English (China, India, Taiwan) on the issue of providing primary documents and their correction if necessary.
    • Entering information into the database.
    • Creating requests for payment.

Logistics Manager Assistant

  • • Reception of applications for the transportation of goods from customers with the registration of all documents.
    • Search for performers to carry out the transportation of goods for customers with the registration of all documents.
    • Control over the correct execution of documents by performers and customers, their correction.
    • Collection and storage of all correct documentation, according to the established dossier, in paper and electronic form.
    • Prompt reflection of current information in spreadsheets, in the logistics program, in the program 1C: Accounting, Bitrix24.
    • Attracting new customers, carriers, expanding agency networks.
    • Conclusion of contracts and tracking of contractual obligations.
    • Checking the codes of the commodity nomenclature.
    • Coordination and control of the movement of goods through the border crossing.
    • Maintaining the deployment and collecting information about the location of goods.
    • Resolving operational issues with drivers, carriers, recipients, and agents.
    • Formation of monthly reporting.
    • Conducting business correspondence, receiving phone calls, informing clients, ordering carriers.
    • Administrative orders of the head.

Assistant of International Logistics Department

  • • Processing and posting of orders in 1C.
    • Preparation and verification of accompanying documentation (logistics and customs).
    • Cargo insurance.
    • Control of the availability of permits.
    • Drawing up instructions for the warehouse for arriving goods.
    • Claims work on non-condition and shortages.
    • Verification of invoices and control of payments.
    • Monitoring of the carrier market.
    • Correspondence with foreign carriers and insurance companies.
    • Preparation of translations of shipping documents (from English into Russian).

Logistic assistant (transport department)

  • • Monitoring of the vehicle being in the process of transportation. Control of the movement of vehicles for the delivery of products. Control of delivery schedules to the final consignee.
    • Making operational decisions on the need to provide replacement vehicles.
    • Search for potential carriers according to requests. Operational selection of vehicles, according to the requirements of the application.
    • Work on accounting and carrying out all transportations in the transport base of the company (1C).
    • Work with documents (invoices, powers of attorney, applications for organizing transportation, invoices, acts of completed works).
    • Preparation of the necessary reports and their timely submission to the departments of the company.

Import Manager Assistant

  • • Project management for international wholesale supplies.
    • Interaction with foreign suppliers from China, Southeast Asia, Europe: correspondence, telephone communication.
    • Coordination of international logistics through communication with brokers and transport companies.
    • Working with “warm” clients.
    • Resolving disputes.
    • Executing orders from the head.

Import Agent

  • • control over the compliance of the information contained in the consignor’s accompanying documents with the goods in the goods to determine the TN VED code for subsequent customs clearance.
    • Appeal to government authorities to obtain permits for the import of goods necessary following the RF TK to reduce the time of customs clearance.
    • Interaction with clients-recipients of goods.

Specialist for work with suppliers (back office)

  • • Processing of documents from suppliers.
    • Checking shipping documents and preparing them for customs clearance.
    • Entering data into the program AMOS.
    • Active communication with foreign suppliers, requesting order confirmations.
    • Reconciliation of buyer’s orders with order confirmation from the supplier.
    • Uploading corrected orders to the system.
    • Communication with import logisticians daily.
    • Checking proformas and providing information for prepayment to payment specialists, sending confirmation of payments to suppliers.
    • Dealing with discrepancies in deliveries, promptly correcting data.
    • Interaction with the customs department and procurement department.
    • Analytical work with suppliers.
    • Drawing up reports on work with suppliers.

Specialist of the logistics department

  • • Organization and control of the process of cargo transportation in Moscow, the Moscow Region, and the Russian Federation.
    • Negotiations with suppliers on issues: cost of products, availability in stock, delivery time, terms of delivery, payment, conclusion, and renewal of contracts.
    • Creation, coordination, and approval of new orders from engineers, management, certification department.
    • Filling out documents with the carrier for monthly reporting.
    • Organization and control of the delivery of goods the most optimal mode of transport and route.
    • Preparation of shipping documents (invoice, invoice, power of attorney, contract, CMR) for carriers.
    • Resolving issues of shortages and misgrading with suppliers and forwarders, preparing claims in case of violation of contractual obligations.
    • Monitoring of the freight market, maintaining databases on freight carriers.
    • Work in CRM (1C: 8).
    • Work in the program “Smart Logistics”.

Customer Service Specialist

  • • Working with incoming customers.
    • Document management.
    • Consulting customers on the company’s goods and services.
    • Processing requests from clients, settlement of conflict situations, work with documents. Acceptance of orders from customers and company managers.
    • Daily reconciliation of the compliance of the remaining cargo in the warehouse with the remaining acceptance certificates.
    • Prompt resolution of all issues related to the acceptance of goods and registration.
    • Registration of the acceptance certificate – delivery of goods.
    • Registration of orders (issuance of invoices, invoices, etc.).
    • Reception and processing of orders from customers, consulting on the products and services of the company.
    • Conducting negotiations by phone, by e-mail.
    • Work with receivables.
    • Work with claims, feedback.
    • Customer support.

Customer Service Specialist

  • • Processing customer orders in SAP (distributors and networks).
    • Tracking the correctness of orders by prices, logistic parameters.
    • Analysis of the level of customer service, reasons for under-delivery.
    • Work with accounts receivable (issuing credit notes).
    • Interaction with warehouse and transport logistics.
    • Regular information and statistical support of the department and other employees involved in the process.
    • Documentary support of the transaction (contracts, additional agreements, etc.).
    • Work with customer claims for defective goods and shortages.

Key Account Manager (Supply Chain function)

  • • Analyze opportunities for improvement in terms of service level for selected clients, coordinate improvement projects within the company, and promote joint projects with clients.
    • Negotiation of terms of delivery for clients in terms of the Supply Chain function.
    • Negotiating new logistic conditions with the client, resolving disputes.
    • Participation in the global initiatives of the Company.

Expert | Organization of deliveries/shipments of finished products

  • • Organization of tender procedures for warehouses (preparation of technical specifications, negotiations, an audit of facilities, etc.).
    • Control of available storage capacity and storage conditions for goods.
    • Negotiated work, including revision of conditions under existing contracts, control of the relevance of the conditions.
    • Operational work on the organization of shipments from warehouses and control of payments.

Chief expert on multimodal logistics

  • • Calculation and analysis of rates of multimodal transportation, search for opportunities for optimization.
    • Planning and ordering of transport from forwarders, carriers, daily monitoring of implementation.
    • Issuance of applications, instructions for the submission and loading of vehicles.
    • Ensuring the fulfillment of the shipment plan.
    • Maintaining contracts with forwarding companies.
    • Organization of the claim work process.
    • Checking and agreeing on additional costs.

Examples of KPIs and achievements

ключевые показатели эффективности директора по маркетингу

The main points of attraction in a resume are results. Use the examples below as a basis for creating your own results. They should reflect the core functions of your job, taking into account the objectives of the position for which you are currently applying. These may or may not result in numbers.

Focus on fresh experiences. This is an axiom. Outdated experience is no longer of interest to the new employer, if only because it is “outdated”. If the year is 2020, then you should not describe in detail the first jobs, indicate the achievements for 2000-2010. and awards that you received at the university if you are already well over 30+.

Key performance indicators of the logistics service

  • % of late payments
  • Freight turnover
  • Duration of logistic cycles: lead time, order delivery to the consumer, order processing by the consumer, order preparation and picking, production and technological cycle, product purchase cycle
  • Quality of logistics service for customers: speed and quantity of inventory turnover, delivery time, completeness of order satisfaction, the accuracy of order parameters, customer satisfaction with the quality of logistics services
  • Number of processed orders per unit of time
  • Number of transported tons of cargo / processed waybills
  • Improving the quality of logistics services
  • Maintaining minimum costs while maintaining a quality level of service
  • Growth by revenue
  • Growth of quality of service parameters
  • Reduction of operating costs per 1 cargo
  • Delivery time
  • Accuracy of inventory of goods and materials
  • Customer satisfaction with the quality of logistics services

Important: Do not forget to indicate the comparison period or the year of the result. For example,

  • Growth of target performance from 80% to 105% (2019 vs 2018).
  • Reduced the number of complaints by 20% (2019 vs 2018).

Key Skills

A list of skills required to complete a logistics job.
Select the skills you own and include them on your resume.

  • Customer Service
  • Road transport
  • Trucking
  • ABC analysis
  • Analysis of prices for transportation
  • Business etiquette
  • Reporting
  • Negotiating
  • Internal logistics
  • Identifying customer needs
  • FEA
  • Freight transport
  • Business correspondence
  • Business etiquette
  • Contractual work
  • Railroad transportation
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Client Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Commercial Logistics
  • Consulting clients
  • Container logistics
  • Coordination of logistics activities
  • Supply logistics
  • Logistic management
  • International cargo transportation
  • Market Monitoring
  • Sea freight
  • Customer Service
  • Cost Optimization
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Checkout
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Primary accounting documentation
  • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Selection of carriers
  • Preparation of commercial offers
  • Preparing presentations
  • Customer Support
  • Search for suppliers
  • Claim work
  • Making presentations
  • Production logistics
  • Working with VIP clients
  • Working with objections
  • Working with suppliers
  • Placing Orders
  • Development of instructions
  • Distribution logistics
  • Costing
  • River transport
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Customer support
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Supply chain design
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Customs clearance
  • Telephone calls
  • Transport logistics
  • Freight forwarding
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Cost Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Warehouse stock management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Participation in tenders
  • Ship chartering
  • Electronic document flow
  • 1C: Logistics
  • 1C: Purchase Management
  • 1C: Enterprise Management
  • 1C: CRM
  • ANTOR LogisticsMaster
  • Bitrix24
  • CRM
  • ELMA
  • ERP
  • FTL
  • MD Declaration
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • MS Project
  • Rail- Atlas
  • Rail-Info
  • Rail-Route
  • Rail-Rate
  • SAP
  • SAP R / 3
  • ACS TK
  • Directum
  • Tracking
  • Garant
  • Consultant+

Professional qualities

List of personal qualities that are required for the required level of performance of official duties.
Choose 3-4 qualities that you possess and include in the resume/cover letter of your choice. This is an optional resume section to fill out.

  • Analytical thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • High level of self-organization
  • Willingness to take responsibility
  • Willingness to perform a large amount of work and process significant amounts of information
  • Diplomacy
  • Striving to achieve high performance
  • Communication skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Focus on results
  • Customer Oriented
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Systems Thinking
  • A systematic approach to performing tasks
  • Ability to work in an intercultural environment
  • Ability to analyze and structure a large amount of information
  • Ability to react quickly to circumstances and make decisions
  • Ability to build constructive relationships within the company and with clients
  • Ability to rank incoming tasks, correctly prioritize and bring all issues to the final result
  • Stress resistance
  • Ability to analyze and organize large amounts of information
  • Ability to find rapport with management, colleagues, and clients
  • Ability to find an individual approach to different types of clients
  • Ability to define and set priorities
  • Ability to plan and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode without losing efficiency
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to plan a working day
  • Ability to organize and structure information
  • Ability to listen and understand client needs
  • Ability to resolve conflict situations
  • Ability to independently and quickly make decisions within their competence
  • Ability to quickly respond to non-standard situations and establish effective interactions at all levels of management
  • Ability to assess the situation and make operational decisions
  • Ability to prioritize, plan your time accurately
  • Ability to defend your point of view
  • Ability to complete tasks under tight deadlines and work at a high pace

Logistics and Supply Chain Management" Master's degree, Studying in English

Examples for the “About me” section/writing a cover letter

Section “About me” – a general description of the professional background. It can be in the form of a short paragraph of 1-4 sentences or a bulleted list. Indicate those aspects of your qualifications that are integral components of the vacancy, such as areas of activity, areas of specialization, key competencies, technical skills, certificates, additional education.


Example # 1. Assistant Manager for Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity
I have a successful experience in negotiating with Chinese manufacturers and interacting with suppliers from China. I know the basics of foreign economic activity, regulatory documents accompanying transactions, the procedure and rules for their execution.
Analyzed purchase prices and selected suppliers for specified conditions.
Participated in negotiations, in the conclusion and support of international contracts.
I speak English fluently (written and oral, business English).
Experienced user of MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), SAP, 1C, and ANTOR LogisticsMaster.
I can work in multitasking mode with a large amount of data, competently analyze, systematize and structure information; complete tasks on tight deadlines and work at a high pace.

Example # 2. Logistician
3+ experience in the field of transportation of building materials. Availability of our own carrier base (board, 20 t).
Skills of working with the search for attracted transport.
Knowledge of the rules for the carriage of goods and the corresponding document flow.
Example # 3. Account Manager
2+ experience in a freight forwarding company and 3+ in a customs representative company.
I know the basics of logistics, registration of transport documents.
Knowledge of English at the B2 level.
Advanced user of MS Office and 1C software package.

Example №4. Logistics Manager
5+ experience in transport logistics. Good knowledge of the geography of Russia and transport routes. Excellent knowledge of Moscow and the Moscow region.
I can organize an optimal logistics delivery scheme and develop new logistics solutions for cargo transportation. I have the skills of organizing transportation and calculating their cost; skills in “reading” and drawing up invoices and packing lists.
I can successfully work in intensive mode with large amounts of information.
Example # 5. Customer Service Specialist
5+ years of experience in customer service with key customers and distributors (Supply Chain function).
Experience in managing customer service processes in B2B. Directions: customer operations / customer service / sales support.
I know the specifics of technical support, customer service business processes, optimization, and automation of logistics processes.
I have experience in introducing service quality standards and customer service.
Experience of participation in projects for the implementation of digital customer service.
I have the skills of conducting business negotiations: I can identify needs, convince, work with objections, build mutually beneficial business relationships.
I know the basics of etiquette and norms of business writing and communication.
I always act proactively, I’m not afraid to take risks and take initiative.

Example №6. Lead Logistics Manager
8+ experience in customer service departments of logistics companies. Experience in project work on managing clients in the field of B2B services. The presence of a “working” client base by profile.
Successful experience in negotiating.
Knowledge EXCEL (VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables), 1C: Enterprise.
Example №7. Foreign trade specialist
3+ experience in organizing multimodal transportation and support of foreign trade contracts.
Experience in working with customs authorities and their officials at different levels.
Knowledge of the requirements for the design of supply, transport, warehouse, sales, and financial documentation.
Knowledge of the EU, RF transport services market.
​​Example # 8. Foreign Economic Activity Manager
5+ experience in the field of logistics and foreign economic activity, including 3 years of experience in organizing multimodal transportation and support of foreign trade contracts.
Knowledge of the market of transport services in the EU, RF and the specifics of international cargo transportation; customs and transport legislation.
Knowledge of English at the Upper-intermediate level.
Example # 9. Procurement and Logistics Manager
5+ experience in general contracting construction companies.
Experience in supply chain management.
Knowledge of construction processes and technologies in the field of ASG; normative and methodological materials of materials consumption for maintaining the movement of goods and materials, transportation.
I have experience in providing a full cycle of the procurement process: customer requirements – finding suppliers – terms of reference – RFQ – holding a tender – contracting – ensuring stable quality, approval – managing suppliers.
Example # 10. Transport and Logistics Manager
5+ experience in companies with an extensive regional network in the field of organizing domestic cargo transportation by own and hired transport.
I have successful experience in organizing and independently building complex multimodal transportation schemes.
I know the main players in the market of transportation and transport forwarding.
Skills of building optimal logistics chains for the movement of materials and equipment, developing logistics schemes, determining tariff policy.
I have knowledge of contractual, legal, and financial aspects of logistics activities; normative acts for cargo transportation (air, auto, railway, water); peculiarities of transportation of large-tonnage and oversized cargo, conditions of delivery of goods to hard-to-reach regions.
Expert knowledge of the principles of rationing of commodity stock; methods of forecasting the needs of storage facilities, principles of organizing transportation; principles of address storage, barcoding, and basic warehouse operations.

Example # 11. Multimodal Transport Manager
I have successful experience in organizing multimodal transportation, including door-to-door, trucking across the EU, loading / repacking cargo in intermediate warehouses.
Experience in organizing the transportation of goods in containers and by road in the United States.
Good knowledge of the rental market (fitting platforms/containers) and contractual conditions for the rental of rolling stock. Experience in 1C, Rail Tarif, ETRAN programs.
In communication with the owners of the rolling stock.
​​Example # 12. Rail Transport Specialist
3+ experience with rented and attracted rolling stock. Knowledge of the Russian railroad transportation market (covered wagons, grain carriers, tanks) and the basics of working with export cargo in ports.
I have higher education in the specialty “Organization of transportation and management of railway transport.” Deep knowledge of contractual, legal, and financial aspects of logistics activities.
Fluency in programs: Tracking, 1C, Rail-Tariff, ETRAN.
Example №13. Chief Multimodal Logistics Expert
Knowledge of the economy and technology of organizing container transportation (sea, rail, road) and the main players in the container transportation market.
Expert understanding of contractual relations, duties, and responsibilities of participants in the transportation process; document circulation of international container transport.
Example No. 14. Chief Specialist of Internal Logistics Department
Experience in the field of foreign economic activity, multimodal transportation (sea/rail/road), I know well the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, the main regulatory documents, regulations, and rules governing the organization of transportation by sea and river transport.
I know the transport forwarding market, the rules for processing transport documents. Significant experience in negotiating on obtaining the best freight rates, improving special conditions for transportation.
I have experience in implementing and using IT tools: logistics platforms, calculators for calculating capacity, delivery route optimizers, trackers for tracking delivery status, etc.
Example # 15. Expert in organizing the supply/shipment of finished products
More than 4 years of experience in transport and forwarding companies.
Knowledge of economics and technology of warehouse processes, warehouse document circulation, basics of accounting for goods, duties, and responsibilities of the depositor and custodian.
Skills of working with contracts, negotiating, defending a position.
Fluency in English (written/technical).
Knowledge of operational accounting programs (SAP, 1C) and specialized transport management systems.
Example №16. Manager of Railway Transportation and Forwarding Department
5+ experience in stevedoring companies. Knowledge of the transport services market (railway transportation) and the general cargo market (transportation, transshipment, foreign economic activity).
Higher professional education in the specialty “Management of freight forwarding services”.
Professional skills in the field of transshipment, transportation, forwarding of goods by rail, and other modes of transport.
Example №17. Chief Logistics Specialist
7+ experience in organizing multimodal transportation and organizing the delivery of project cargo, including using non-self-propelled floating vehicles.
Experience of interaction with port structures.
Good knowledge of the freight market. A base of carriers is available.
• Experience with suppliers: please list.
• Experience with clients by industry:
– energy: list.
– road and infrastructure construction: list.
– oil and gas: list.
Knowledge of the order of registration of transport and accompanying documentation when organizing import and domestic Russian transportation.
Knowledge of foreign economic activity and Incoterms.

Bug fixing

After completing all sections of the resume, check the text for errors several times. As they say: “measure seven times, cut once.” In our case: “check seven times, send once.”

Before sending a response, be sure to read again the finished resume and cover letter, even if it seems to you that you have already corrected all the shortcomings and mistakes. You can print the resume and CL, making the necessary notes on paper – so all the shortcomings and errors will be more conspicuous than checking documents in electronic form.

  • 5 main rules of resume design: how to write a resume technically correctly and check for errors. What not to do?
  • 10 rules of punctuation: where to put a space, and where to put a dash and a comma, how to style a bulleted list, and much more in the article:

Example of a cover letter for a job application: Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager

Job applications are one of the most effective resources you have during your active job search. If you are interested in a vacancy, write a cover letter for your resume – only 2-3 paragraphs, in which you can tell as briefly as possible why you are suitable for this position.

Take the time to prepare a job application. Before submitting your resume, carefully study the vacancy and determine how your experience matches the requirements in the description.

N! B! Most HR managers in large companies do not consider a resume without a cover letter.


Example of a cover letter for a job: Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity Manager
The dear HR manager of the company “Company Name”!
I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy “Manager of Logistics and Foreign Economic Activity”.I have higher education in the specialty “Organization of transportation and management of railway transport” and more than 5 years of experience in transport logistics, including the organization of multimodal transportation and support of foreign trade contracts.Good knowledge of the transport services market in the EU, RF. I can organize an optimal logistics delivery scheme and develop new logistics solutions for cargo transportation.I have the skills and knowledge:
• contractual, legal, and financial aspects of logistics activities;
• requirements for registration of supply, transport, warehouse, sales, and financial documentation;
• organization of transportation and calculation of their cost;
• “reading” and drawing up invoices and packing lists;
• optimization of the process of delivery of goods and preparation of documentation for customs clearance of goods, a package of permits;
• negotiation and correspondence with suppliers, transport, and brokerage companies on the terms of organization of work and optimization of supplies.I have experience in the system of balanced performance indicators and the ERP / SRM environment.I am fluent in English (written and oral, business English) and programs: Tracking, 1C, SAP, Rail-Tariff, ETRAN.

Ume you successfully work in intensive mode with large amounts of information. I am enthusiastic about new, challenging and interesting work tasks. I constantly improve my level of professional competence.

Thank you for your attention to my resume.
I would be glad to receive an invitation for an interview.Sincerely,
F. I.
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Selena Winters

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