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Tips for an accountant to write a quality resume

A well-written resume increases the applicant’s chances of quickly finding an interesting and high-paying job, while errors in the resume can make it impossible for even an experienced professional to find a job. Let’s take a look at what you need and don’t need to include in your resume, as well as find out how best to present information about yourself.

Writing an effective resume

There are no single rules for writing a perfect resume that will make a positive impression on every employer. However, following tried and tested tips can significantly increase your chances of success.

Job Title

Be specific about the position you are seeking to take. Never write that you are ready for any position in the accounting department, even when your experience and level of professionalism allow you to work in any area. If any position in accounting works for you, write several hotel resumes for each specialty.


The resume should indicate the specific amount of the desired salary. At the same time, you should not indicate the amount of the salary to the ruble, it would be more correct to round the amount up to a thousand. Do not indicate a wide salary bracket in your resume, in which the maximum amount exceeds the minimum several times.

Basic Skills

When making a list of skills, do not over-praise yourself and do not write inaccurate information about your professional qualities, as, during the interview, deception can surface. For example, never point out that you are fluent in all accounting software if you’ve actually mastered only a few of them.

Pick the perfect photo

Complete your resume with a fresh photograph that shows your face clearly. Choose a photo that makes you look neat and attractive. It is advisable to wear business attire.

Format your text correctly

When writing a resume, try to avoid complex and long sentences. Try to be short and concise. Once you’ve finished working on your resume, check the text for syntax and grammar errors.

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What not to write on your resume

When writing a resume for the position of an accountant, do not indicate:

  • passport data and address of registration/residence – you just need to indicate your mobile phone number and city of residence;
  • links to your pages on social networks;
  • information in a humorous form – a resume is a purely business document, which should not contain even a hint of humor.

When writing a resume, you should not get carried away by giving too much information about yourself. One or two pages of printed text are sufficient for a resume. Here you can see a sample resume, which contains all the necessary information.

Key information that indicates the position of an accountant in the resume

A job seeker for the position of an accountant must be well versed in the rules of accounting and tax law, as well as have professional knowledge and skills, including:

  • accounting;
  • tax accounting;
  • preparation and submission of reporting documents to tax authorities and funds;
  • inventory control;
  • conducting inventory checks;
  • Keeping records of mutual settlements with contractors, suppliers, and other counterparties;
  • payroll;
  • processing and execution of primary documents;
  • maintaining a cash book;
  • budgeting;
  • economic analysis of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise;
  • work in the “Client-Bank” system;
  • work with computer programs designed for accounting (1C and others).

This list of professional skills is generalized, therefore each accountant should indicate exactly those professional skills that he possesses.

Personal qualities of an accountant

When writing a resume, be sure to indicate that you have personal qualities that are highly valued in the accounting field.

These qualities include:

  • resistance to stressful situations;
  • operability;
  • punctuality;
  • neatness;
  • analytical mind;
  • learnable;
  • attentiveness;
  • perseverance;
  • ability to work with a large volume of documents;
  • responsibility;
  • being organized;
  • diligence;
  • decency;
  • honesty.

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What to write on your resume if you have no experience as an accountant

If you have just recently graduated from a university and you have no work experience, be sure to indicate in your resume about the availability of other advantages:

  • endurance and performance;
  • desire to develop professional skills and achieve success in a professional environment;
  • theoretical knowledge of modern accounting methods;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • knowledge of computer programs.

If during your studies you participated in student conferences on economic topics or had an internship in the accounting department of an enterprise or a bank, be sure to write about this in your resume.

While writing a resume, university graduates should not praise themselves. At the same time, you cannot write about a lack of experience and knowledge.

To create a favorable impression with the employer, university graduates are encouraged to acquire a testimonial written by an institute teacher, in which they note the ability to quickly grasp new material, the presence of perseverance, and a desire to learn.

A cover letter will increase interest in your resume

To stand out from other accounting applicants, write a cover letter that grabs the attention of a recruiter on your resume. A well-written letter can hook the hiring manager much stronger than the resume itself.

In the letter, you should write about why you are seeking to take a vacancy and why the employer should hire you. In this case, the text of the letter should not duplicate the information available in the resume. The cover letter is addressed to the employee who is responsible for dealing with employment issues.

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