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The resume with which you will be invited for an interview: the secrets of drawing up

Resumes are often referred to as an interview invitation. And it is true: if with the help of two pages of text about yourself you interest the employer, they will invite you, if not, they will put your document aside. The main question is how to please the recruiter in the resume, without deceiving or embellishing?

Top secret: Your resume must match the job.

It’s that simple! Let’s say you want to work as a marketing director, study carefully a few vacancies in this area. What education and additional courses are needed? What personal qualities do recruiters want to see? What are the employee’s responsibilities? Have you studied? Now let’s transform and apply it to our resume.

Adjust your resume for each vacancy. Yes, it’s tiring! But there is no one universal option. Write about yourself in the same words as the employer in the ad. Before the personnel officer, there is a list of characteristics that the applicant must have. The more matches he finds with your resume, the more likely it is that you will be invited for an interview. Just don’t cheat: the resume must contain honest information.

An HR specialist looks through 50-100 resumes per day, there is no time to read each one, so the look is looking for keywords, for example, he managed a department of 20 people, brought him to pay back, doubled his profit. As soon as he sees them, he puts the resume in the invite folder.

Secret 2:

Sell yourself for more! If this idea bothers you, do not be surprised by the low salary. This is the reality: a person has skills, the company buys these skills. The price is negotiated at an interview. But already at the stage of reviewing the resume, the employer decides how much he wants to pay for your work.

Therefore, the main task of a resume is to show your value as a professional. Your achievements (doubled your sales turnover), awards (the best in marketing), education (MBA), additional courses (from a business guru) all combine to increase your value even before the interview.

Secret 3:

A resume is selling one-page.

A group of experts is working on every word of the landing page: marketer, author, editor. Their task is to inspire trust and induce an action (call, order, leave an email). A great resume is similar in structure and attention-grabbing to a landing page. It inspires confidence, stimulates the desire to read it to the end, and prompts you to invite for an interview. Magic!

Secret 4:

Logical structure.

It is customary to design your resume like this:

  • First and last name
  • Photo
  • Contact phone number (make sure it is always within the reach)
  • Desired position
  • Key competencies – professional knowledge and achievements
  • Education, courses, training
  • Work experience (starting from the last place)
  • Additional information – knowledge of programs, foreign languages, eligibility, hobbies (related to the job)

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Secret 5:

Attention to detail.

Yes, recruiters don’t read every resume inside and out. But this does not mean that the resume can be written somehow! Any little things are important: the same font and size, highlighting important points in bold, indents, paragraphs. Otherwise, HR will think that you downloaded the resume information from the Internet and simply forgot to format it. By the way, it is better to choose a font for a resume Calibri or Arial, Times New Roman was popular 15 years ago. We keep the ideal resume size – not less than one, but not more than two pages.

Secret 6:

Concrete, not water.

Write “ proactive, creative, stress-resistant “is not enough. The recruiter is interested in how you implemented these qualities in your work. For example:

  1. Initiative: developed a strategy for overcoming the crisis after the change of the head
  2. Management skills: led a team of 18 creative professionals.
  3. Energetic: my department’s 2018 sales were 27% higher than the company average
  4. Stress resistance: entered into a contract with a client who turned down the previous three managers

Secret 7:

Personal information.

Thinking about what to indicate in the hobby column and additional information. There shouldn’t be anything random! If you are applying for the position of auto parts sales manager, what difference does it make that you love football? But if you are hiring a PR man for a local football team, you must mention your love of football (if there is one!). For a good resume, take the position of an employer: a 28-year-old girl should tell about her husband and two children 5 and 7 years old, a restaurant social network administrator should tell her about her love of cooking, an applicant for a vacancy with business trips should indicate that she is single and has a private car…All information about you should be useful!

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