If your resume has these 10 mistakes…

If you have these 10 mistakes on your resume, you won’t even be invited for an interview

“Amazing people, these employers,” Vanya thinks. After all, I have a higher education, and excellent work experience, and category “B” rights, but I still sit at home. And Denis, who did not even have time to graduate from a university, for example, was interviewed five times this week and chooses among employers himself! ” Let’s figure out what’s the matter.

Most likely Vanya made typical mistakes when writing a resume, and Denis successfully avoided mistakes and began to seem to employers a very attractive employee. What did Vanya not take into account?

Mistake 1. It is not clear who wants to work.

Vanya’s resume does not clearly indicate who he wants to work for, and in the response, he never writes the vacancy for which he is applying. His resume looks too general, from the series, and the Swiss, and the reaper, and the dude. Keep in mind that if you have not clearly specified the functionality, it will be difficult for recruiters to understand which vacancy you should offer.

It’s just that a good person is not needed everywhere, but a specialist is always in demand.

Mistake 2. Errors and typos.

Vanya’s resume is full of misspellings, so it’s not surprising that he is not considered a potential candidate. Your resume must be flawless, showcase high professionalism and attention to detail. Check the document several times before posting, or send it to a professional editor for correction. The cost of services is minimal, but you will make a good impression at one glance at your resume.

Mistake 3. Blurred statement of responsibilities.

This is probably the fault of every second applicant, alas, Vanya had the same mistakes. “Control over the functioning of the marketing department”, “Control over the implementation of key projects” – an experienced recruiter already on the second word of these phrases begin to watery eyes. Don’t write like that! Work results and achievements should be as specific as possible. For example, the number of transactions concluded, the number of contracts, the implementation of a program, etc.

Mistake 4. Contact contacts are hidden in the text.

Vanya indicated only e-mail in his resume for contact communication, the e-mail was located at the end of the text and was written in small print. The likelihood that the employer will find Vanin’s mail and write to him is very small, especially if he comes across a well-formed resume, wherein the header is large and readable written and a mobile phone, and Skype, and WhatsApp, and telegrams.

Mistake 5. Excessive modesty and brevity.

Modesty is good quality, but it can sometimes be a disservice when looking for a job. Vanya did not begin to describe his duties and achievements for a long time. “It’s not modest, and it’s taking a long time to write. I’d better tell you at the interview, ”he thought. Needless to say, he was not invited to any interviews, choosing other candidates.

Mistake 6. Lots of words, little proof.

Such clichés as “activity, sociability, positivity” are no longer surprising. Moreover, they are very annoying. In addition to stating that you have excellent communication skills, show an example of their effective use: “I run a corporate blog, promote my company on social networks” is better than “active, communicative”.

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Mistake 7. Photo from fishing.

Vanya rarely took pictures, so he put a photo from winter fishing on his resume: here he is in a hat with earflaps with cheeks red from frost, a fishing rod on his shoulder, and a glass in his hands. Not surprisingly, he caused laughter and a desire to share with colleagues in personnel officers to cheer up, but not a desire to see him in the ranks of employees. Remember, your resume should include a business photo (in a blazer, jacket, with a good haircut, ideally at your desk). Photos in swimsuits, on the beach, at home are not suitable for an official document!

Mistake 8. Claims for high positions.

Vanya dreamed of working as a director or manager and sent his resume only to management positions. At the same time, he did not have managerial skills and appropriate education. Of course, such a response caused confusion and negativity on the part of recruiters.

Mistake 9. Salary is higher than the market.

At his previous job, Vanya received 42,000 rubles, but he considered it a miserable amount and, on the instructions of his wife, decided not to waste time on trifles. So he immediately indicated a salary of at least 90,000 rubles, while in the industry the average income even for managers was no higher than 75,000 rubles. No people were willing to invite Vanya even for an interview.

Mistake 10. Invalid information.

Vanya indicated some information “by eye” – approximately. For example, he did not remember exactly the dates of admission and departure from the penultimate position, he indicated this period approximately. All these “inaccuracies” are revealed during the interview and cause fears: if the applicant himself does not know what is written in the resume, then this is not true?

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