A competent lawyer’s resume: from A to Z

How difficult is it to write a resume? But experts say that not all applications for a vacant position, correctly executed and submitted without a single mistake, are of interest to a potential employer. A professional approach and knowledge of some of the nuances that cannot be read about in the first Internet edition that come across are important here. A person who is looking for a job initially has 2 tasks:

  1. sell your intellectual or physical abilities more expensive;
  2. do not mislead the employer by giving him false information.

High monetary self-esteem is no shame

The main purpose of changing jobs is often the desire to earn more and only in exceptional cases is this a necessary measure. Ideally, a job seeker wants to get two things in one: an increase in the average monthly income and an opportunity for career growth, creative and professional self-realization.

High pay for a particular employee is a combination of factors:

  • the need for the company;
  • the employer was able to appreciate the professionalism of the employee at its true worth;
  • the manager’s hope for high, maximum performance and efficiency.

Finding the perfect job with all of the above conditions should start with a good resume. And for a lawyer, this question is especially relevant, because the finished document should convince a potential leader of the competence and indispensability of a specialist for any company.

Compare correct resume to banknote

Some recruiters compare a jobseeker’s resume form to an interview ticket. By drawing up a document, according to these specialists, a person expects to receive feedback in the form of a call with an invitation to an interview. Therefore, many lawyers emphasize in describing their merits on listing large agencies where they worked. The information is important, but not very informative.

When writing a resume, a lawyer should start from his own value as a professional. If it can be shown in text form, an invitation to an interview is guaranteed. And, conversely, in the absence of firm confidence in one’s capabilities and abilities in the resume, it is almost impossible to achieve this in a personal conversation with a potential employer.

Conclusion: it is better to compare a resume not with a ticket for an interview, but with a banknote. And it depends only on the author what value this note will be.

Practical Resume Writing Tips for Lawyers

The main characteristic of any resume that falls into the hands of a recruiting socialist is the appearance of the document, which can be compared to a software interface. The next reader when going through the first stage of selection is a potential employer or his recruiting manager (depending on the scale of the business). Therefore, so that the screening of an uninteresting resume does not occur at the final stage, you will have to work hard on drawing up the form.

Each block of information must be filled out as correctly as possible:

  1. photography;
  2. personal data;
  3. professional experience;
  4. performed duties;
  5. educational level.

Every professional should interest a potential employer with his knowledge and skills. A lawyer can focus on accuracy and a high percentage of completed cases in courts. A lawyer’s resume should be aptly intertwined with information about career, educational level, and the availability of additional certificates, courses, and training. After reading such a document, the employer must be sure that this is the employee he needs.

Best Legal Keywords | Top 25 Keywords for Lawyers

When listing places of work, a lawyer must briefly indicate his professional achievements with each employer. Responsibilities do not have to be enumerated in full, but the reader should follow the obvious progress in a legal career – moving from simpler projects to more complex ones. Here is an example of a lawyer’s resume.

For the convenience of users, the Simpledoc service offers ready-made document templates that can be filled out online. This constructor has several advantages:

  • use of a generally accepted structure, clear and convenient;
  • ease of use;
  • saving time to find the information you need;
  • the flawless finished result.

An important detail: when writing a resume, you must use simple words and expressions, avoiding formalisms, clericalism, and complex sentences. Any user should understand the text, including those without a legal education.

Listing the skills and personality traits of a lawyer

A professional lawyer, when filling out a resume, must indicate the following skills:

  1. excellent knowledge of current legislation;
  2. possession of contractual work skills;
  3. ability to conduct business negotiations;
  4. experience in full legal business support;
  5. high results in the implementation of claims and lawsuits;
  6. skills of representing the company’s interests in court and before third parties;
  7. development of any legal documentation, including local regulations of the company.

A qualified lawyer must have the following personal qualities to effectively perform the tasks assigned to him:

  • ability to think analytically;
  • care ;
  • initiative ;
  • a high degree of intellectual development;
  • communication ;
  • well developed intuition and logic;
  • diplomacy ;
  • emotional stability, etc.

Using our tips for writing a resume and a specialized resource, you can quickly and efficiently make a competent self-presentation. The result of this comprehensive approach is getting your dream job.

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