Writing a resume: Head of e-commerce (E-commerce)

How to write a sales resume and cover letter for e-commerce professionals.

The rules for a professional resume and cover letter are simple and logical. It’s amazing how many people do not comply with them – proof of this is the mass of responses to vacancies that you don’t want to read from the very first offers. Why?

The senders of these responses simply do not know what information recruiters are looking for in the first place and how to properly package it. And, most importantly, where to find this information to fill out such sections of the resume as “Search Purpose”, “Profile”, “Work experience: responsibilities, achievements, key projects”, “Skills”, “Professional qualities”, “Technical skills”.


Do you want your resume to grab attention and be read to the end? Do you want to create a modern quality resume yourself? In that case, all you need is 60 minutes and this article. Recommendations and examples can be used to write a sales resume for the following positions:

  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Web Analyst
  • Online store manager
  • Internet Project Manager
  • E-commerce Key Account Manager
  • Manager for work with Internet sites (Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozon)
  • Head of Online Retail Department
  • Online store manager
  • Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce
  • Operations manager of the online store
  • E-Commerce Director


  1. Preparation: SWOT Analysis Case
  2. Search Purpose
  3. Job Profile
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Sample Results and projects
  6. Key skills
  7. Professional qualities
  8. Samples for the Profile section and cover letters
  9. Correcting mistakes
  10. Sample E-commerce Executive Resume
  11. Sample Cover Letter for an E-Commerce Executive Job Application.


The first stage in the search for a new job is to collect information and analyze the professional competencies of the applicant, taking into account the requirements of the current labor market. A SWOT analysis will help identify strengths and weaknesses to correctly determine the positioning of the candidate.

Before you start creating a resume, read the article: The universal method of writing a selling resume. In it, I share the secrets I adhere to when writing a resume. You will learn how to independently conduct a SWOT analysis of your competencies using a case study. The case will also help to collect all the necessary information for writing a selling resume, which will be adapted to the modern requirements of the labor market for your search goal.

What is a selling resume? A selling resume is created for a specific search purpose, meets the requirements of vacancies for similar positions, and contains a certain set of keywords by which HRs identify applicants as the most suitable candidates for the initial selection of the resume.

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Search target

The second stage is setting the goal of finding a job using SMART. Your search goal should be at the beginning of your resume

If you want to apply for a vacancy whose position name differs from your current position, please change it to the one indicated in the vacancy.

List of positions, for which you can use the examples in this article:

Zero level positions (0):

  • E-Commerce Assistant Trainee
  • Junior specialist
  • E-Commerce Specialist

First level positions (1):

  • E-commerce Analyst
  • Web Analyst
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Online store manager
  • Manager for the development of marketing activities on sites
  • Mobile Application Marketing Activity Manager
  • Internet Project Manager
  • Key Account Manager E-commerce (online stores)
  • Internet site manager (Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozon)
  • Pharmacy Chain Manager (E-commerce channel)

Second level positions (2):

  • Lead E-commerce Manager
  • Senior Manager of E-commerce Sales
  • Head of online marketing activities
  • Head of Sales Campaigns in Electronic Channels (Corporate Banking / Banks)
  • Head of Marketing Activities Group (Online)
  • Head of sales campaigns in electronic channels (as owner): SMM, Internet, SMS, e-mail

Third level positions (3):

  • Head of the online store
  • Head of the e-commerce department
  • Head of Online Retail Department
  • Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce
  • Online store operational manager

Positions of the fourth level (4):

  • Head of Digital & e-commerce
  • Director of the E-Commerce Department / E-Commerce-Director

Important! If you do not complete the first 2 steps, your resume will be:

  • not interesting to the target audience;
  • will not reveal a professional background;
  • will not meet the main criteria for selecting candidates for the search purpose.

Job Profile: Head of E-Commerce

A position profile is a standard of an ideal candidate, which contains a list of requirements for knowledge, skills, qualifications necessary for the successful performance of job duties.

The head of E-commerce is actually the head of a separate business within the company. An employee in this position must have a whole range of competencies, which are described in the Requirements section of the published vacancy.

Job description – a short version of the position profile, which includes a list of mandatory requirements for the initial selection of candidates by resume.

Job Profile: Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce / Head of E-commerce


Work experience:

  • Relevant ecommerce / internet marketing / online sales experience.
  • Experience in working with the leading Internet sites of the Russian Federation and the CIS (Wildberries,,,, etc.).
  • Experience in the formation and implementation of a digital strategy.
  • Experience in development and optimization management, website promotion.
  • Experience in managing freelance teams and working with agencies.
  • Experience with Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Metrica, Google AdWords, Google Analytics.
  • Ability to work with such marketing indicators as CTR, CPL, ROI, DRR.
  • Experience with CRM systems.
  • Confirmed case studies: SMM, mailing lists, online advertising, design, websites, other advertising).

Skills and knowledge:

  • Higher education (economics, marketing, sociology).
  • Deep knowledge of internet marketing.
  • Knowledge of the principles and logic of product movement in the online store.
  • Knowledge of online promotion channels, their features, and benefits.
  • Knowledge in SEO, contextual advertising, display advertising.
  • Knowledge of the principles of building end-to-end analytics.
  • Knowledge of the business processes of a classic online store.
  • Ability to collect and qualitatively interpret data from GA and NM.
  • A / B Testing Skills.
  • Understand the difference between process and outcome.


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive internet marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to your website and mobile app.
  • Fulfill the sales plan, ensure revenue growth through the e-commerce channel. The main tasks: increasing conversion at all stages of the funnel, increasing the average check, increasing the frequency of purchases per user.
  • Launch and test new traffic acquisition channels, optimize existing ones, adjust performance.
  • Configure end-to-end funnel analytics and KPIs, integrate with CRM.
  • Maintain and develop performance marketing and analytics business processes.
  • Supervise traffic purchasing contractors.
  • Launch and refine a new website and landing pages to achieve maximum conversion.
  • Build a system of timely response to online reviews.
  • Build an effective Internet marketing department, recruit and hire people.

So, you have identified a specific search goal, collected a lot of information and studied the materials, and also thoroughly approached the case “SWOT-analysis of competencies”. What’s next?

Moving on to the third stage – writing a draft resume. Next, I’ll tell you what to look for when completing each section of your resume.

4. Responsibilities

Below are lists of responsibilities for positions at different levels. These are the keywords/phrases used by HR managers to select candidates for their resume. Select from the list below those that correspond to your experience and arrange them on the resume according to the corresponding positions in the “Work experience” section.

  1. Assistant-trainee (sales on marketplaces)
    – Selling goods on marketplaces.
    – Drawing up specifications of goods.
    – Preparation of goods for shipment.
    – Promotion of ads on various Internet services.
    – Photo processing.
  2. Intern (e-commerce department)
    – Support for the launch of new projects (mono-brand online stores) and support for old ones:
    • workflow (proofreading of contracts, technical revisions, approval of documents);
    • collection and analysis of information on competitors;
    • price monitoring of the market;
    • assistance in customer feedback;
    • marketing support in Digital advertising, work with email newsletters, CRM.
    – Content management:
    • checking the content of current brand sites, loading text and rich-content;
    • preparing and placing an assortment in marketplaces (BERU, Goods, TMALL);
    • writing texts for websites, instructions for users.
    – Marketplaces:
    • supply management to marketplaces (stock monitoring, creation of supply requests);
    • preparation of sales reports, uploading them to our system;
    • preparation of marketing documents activities.
    – Technical support of sites:
    • testing new functionality of projects;
    • setting tasks for technical support (on outsourcing) on ​​detected errors, bugs;
    • proposal of new functions, services for clients.
  3. Junior specialist in work with marketplaces
    – Working with marketplaces: Beru, Ozon, Wildberries, Lamoda, Goods, TMall.
    – Organization of supplies to marketplaces.
    – Formation orders from customers.
    – Communication with customers through the chat of marketplaces.
    – Interaction with managers to support marketplaces.
    – Interaction with the warehouse, suppliers, accounting.
    – Interaction with courier services, their control, and accounting.
    – Primary document flow and EDM, UPD.
    – Claims work with marketplaces and control of deadlines.
    – Competitor analysis – by sites, by assortment, by prices, by sales.
  4. E-Commerce Specialist
    – Creation and development of an online store.
    – Formation of an assortment matrix and advertising campaigns on the Internet.
    – Analysis of reporting and performance indicators. – Pricing.
  5. Manager for work with Internet sites
    – Organization of work of the sales department with sites market place: Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozon.
    – Study of the company’s product market (demand and consumption by industry, monitoring of competitors) and trends of its development, analysis of market opportunities.
    – Development of sales technologies.
    – Control of commercial conditions of agreements, agreements, and contracts with clients.
    – Working with existing market places, increasing turnover, control of stocks, and turnover across the entire trading matrix.
    – Accounts receivable level management and control terms of payment.
    – Negotiating and concluding agreements with new online stores.
  6. Online store manager
    – Reception and processing of incoming phone calls, orders in electronic form by e-mail and on sites (from 25 pcs. per day).
    – Consulting on products, presenting goods to customers, identifying needs, forming and coordinating orders for the availability of products.
    – Conducting commercial negotiations with customers, selecting an assortment for designers, selecting analogs for a design project.
    – Registration orders in the 1C database, processing returns (warranty exchange of goods, etc.).
    – Motivating customers following sales incentive programs, promotions, etc.
    – Participation in the work on filling the site: writing high-quality content on the product, maintaining up-to-date information about the assortment on the sites.
    – Keeping reports on sales (shipments) weekly.
    – Formation of a customer base for third-party brands.
    – Control of payment receipt, the formation of acts of reconciliation with customers.
  7. E-commerce Analyst
    – Analysis of key metrics at each stage of the sales funnel of an online store.
    – Analysis of the effectiveness of traffic on the site.
    – Analysis of key financial indicators by channel traffic.
    – Solving analytical tasks of an online store.
    – Forecasting sales.
    – Implementing end-to-end analytics.
    – Choosing tools, systems, and ways to automate analytical processes.
    – Collecting and aggregating data from internal products and external services (Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrica, etc.).
    – Preparing analytical reports.
    – Conducting A / B tests.
    – Setting tasks for the development team.
  8. Web analyst
    – Implementation of end-to-end analytics, optimization of current analytical tools.
    – Setting up and maintaining site and application analytics.
    – Setting up and maintaining marketing reports.
    – Analytics of site/traffic performance, improving site performance, increasing conversion at every stage of the funnel.
    – Setting up advanced e-commerce, events through custom JavaScript code, and other complex integrations through GTM.
    – Setting tasks and monitoring implementation developers.
    – A strategy for analyzing user behavior on the site, traffic sources, user paths, the effectiveness of sections and pages of sites, conversions, sales funnels, interfaces, forecasting demand.
    – Developing hypotheses for improving key metrics, and optimizing conversions based on the received data, conducting A / B tests, and calculating the results.
    – Building a system of regular analytical reporting and its visualization for various channels (SEO, contextual advertising, price platforms, SMM, email marketing).
    – Setting up Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, (GTM, BQ, task setting).
    – Configuring Firebase, Appmetrica, Adjust.
    – Competitor analysis.
    – Comprehensive audit of sites and applications.
    – Troubleshooting in the work of analytics systems.
  9. Web analyst
    Web analytics:
    • audit of existing settings of analytics systems;
    • setting up analytics systems on sites and custom applications.
    Preparing developer instructions for integration:
    • e-commerce;
    • advanced e-commerce;
    • userid clientid;
    • cross-domain tracking.
    Conversion analytics:
    • analysis of incoming traffic;
    • analysis of advertising campaigns;
    • analysis of user behavior on the site and in the application;
    • development of recommendations to increase conversion. Audience analysis:
    • analysis of search demand;
    • identification of target audience parameters;
    • formation of user segments;
    • CMJ development.
    • selection of respondents;
    • preparation of test scripts;
    • setting up systems for testing;
    • conducting online and offline surveys;
    • preparation of reports, the formation of conclusions and recommendations based on testing results.
    Split testing:
    • preparation of hypotheses;
    • setting up systems for conducting split testing (Google Optimize, Optimizely);
    • preparing reports, generating conclusions and recommendations based on testing results.
  10. Senior Web Analyst
    – Analysis of the business performance of e-commerce and customers, regular reporting.
    – Forecasting business performance by sales channel/category/brand based on customer statistics (cohort analysis, customer value, churn, etc.).
    – Participation in the process of budgeting key business indicators: traffic, conversion, revenue, etc.
    – Support, improvement, and automation of existing reporting.
  11. Internet project manager (e-commerce)
    – Site management: maintaining the site, posting content, finalizing the structure.
    – Advertising campaigns: paid search, working with banner campaigns, programmatic, social networks.
    – Operational management of advertising campaigns.
    – Support for customer promotions.
    – Adaptation of content for placement at the client.
    – CRM system management – setting tasks for the CRM manager, adjusting, maintaining the system.
    – Carrying out campaigns in social networks.
    – Setting and distributing technical specifications to performers (Frontend & Backend), sprint control.
    – Optimizing the structure and elements of sites making adjustments based on efficiency analysis, metrics, and UX.
    – Coordination of business process automation projects.
  12. Pharmacy chain manager (E-commerce channel)
    – Development and approval of a strategy for the development of an e-commerce channel.
    – Development and approval of terms of cooperation with online pharmacies. – Development of effective and long-term relationships with key clients.
    – Conclusion of contracts with e-commerce sites, full support.
    – Document management.
    – Development and increase in sales on connected Internet sites.
    – Introducing new products to the assortment.
  13. Key Account Manager E-commerce (online stores)
    – Development of existing partners of the e-commerce segment (Wildberries,,, Tmall. aliexpress. com. etc.).
    – Fulfillment of the sales plan and quality tasks.
    – Work on increasing the assortment and volume of orders.
    – Control of receivables.
    – Create and manage trade marketing and performance evaluation.
  14. E-Commerce Manager
    – Elaboration and approval of a strategy for the development of an e-commerce channel.
    – Elaboration and approval of terms of cooperation with Internet partners.
    – Search, attract, and develop effective and long-term relationships with key customers.
    – Conclusion of contracts with Internet sites and their full support.
    – Document management.
    – Monitoring the availability and ensuring the presence of products.
    – Development and increase in sales on connected Internet sites
    – Entering new products into the assortment.
    – Developing a plan for conducting marketing and trade activities in the e-commerce channel.
    – Controlling marketing and trade activities.
    – Consolidation and analysis key metrics.
    – Developing growth plans for your e-commerce channel.
    – Ensuring accurate reporting and sales forecasts.
  15. Senior Manager of E-commerce Sales
    – Develop, implement and manage sales growth strategies for online sales channels.
    – Maintain a relationship with an e-commerce platform.
    – Design temporary promotions based on the e-commerce website cycle.
    – Plan and estimate product demand.
  16. Lead e-commerce manager 
    – support for the operational activities of the online store;
    – budget distribution over Internet channels;
    – increase in key conversion rates;
    – advising clients on all issues (phone, e-mail, jivosite, etc.), settlement of disputes, assistance in forming orders;
    – filling the website of the online store with content ;
    – fulfillment of the online store sales plan;
    – initiation, organization, and control of marketing activities in the online store;
    – development/modification of scripts, regulations, and instructions for partners;
    – Search for new ways to increase traffic and profitability of an online store.
    – ensuring the availability of goods on marketplaces;
    – analysis and coordination of reports provided by partners;
    – advising clients when contacting;
    – loading/updating prices and nomenclature;
    – fulfilling sales plans;
    – analyzing the sale of goods on marketplaces, generating offers for the sale of low-turnover goods;
    – analysis partner marketing proposals, launch, and support of agreed events.
  17. Head of E-Commerce
    – Connecting new customers (small, medium, and large segments).
    – Entering new products and categories on the shelves of online stores and marketplaces.
    – Control of work with content.
    – Analysis of statistics of sales, demand, work with comments, complaints.
    – Control of balances, marginality and turnover, timely replenishment of the assortment on sites, formation, and loading of deliveries.
  18. Head of sales campaigns in electronic channels (Corporate banking/banks)
    – Innovative development of remote bank channels (SMM, Internet, SMS, e-mail, push, etc.).
    – Operational management of bank channels.
    – Integration and configuration of new channels.
    – Development and implementation of new communication formats and sales scenarios, automation of campaigns, including omnichannel ones, in real-time mode.
    – Implementation of artificial intelligence (models, robots) to personalize content and increase sales efficiency.
    – Implementation of internal and external digital-projects of the company (web/mobile, electronic channels).
    – Connecting new communication channels ( landing, mobile applications, messengers, partner channels, etc.).
    – Development of new communication formats in electronic channels, support, and optimization of trigger, transactional and automated sales campaigns.
    – Implementation of the sales plan in channels, increasing the efficiency of channels, developing a strategy for increasing the profitability of remote channels, analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns, optimizing work on KPIs, developing and testing hypotheses for improvement.
    – Setting tasks and interacting with IT teams, drafting technical specifications, calculating the cost of project development, maintaining project (compliance with timings, quality, and budget).
    – Organization of the process of working with contacts (collection, validation, increase in contact).
  19. Head of marketing activities group (online)
    – Development of a strategy for the development of online communications.
    – Organization and planning of the group’s work for the preparation and management of promotional communications and content in the online channel (sites, mobile application).
    – Control over the effective and timely implementation of activities in the online channel following the general promotional calendar and plan for product focuses.
    – Recommendations for the visual presentation of promo and product activities on banners: text, magic tricks, color schemes.
    – Development of complex solutions for the announcement of promotional activities for all marketing channels (email, push, SMS).
    – Participation in the assessment of the effectiveness of promotional activities and a full assessment of the effectiveness of all content materials in the online channel.
    – Monitoring competitors and developing recommendations for optimizing content in the online channel.
    – Participating in the development of incentive promotions to maximize key indicators.
  20. Head of online marketing activities
    Subordinates 10 people (managers for the development of marketing activities on Russian and foreign sites, in a mobile application, on branded sites, layout designers). Departments: User Experience on sites and mobile applications, web design, SEO.
    – Development of a strategy for achieving KPIs E-commerce in Russia, Ukraine, China.
    – Responsibility for KPIs: sales volume, revenue growth via e-commerce channel, the share of active omnichannel customers, growth of active users of a mobile application, frequency of purchases per year, LTV.
    – Management of promotional communications and content in an online channel (sites, mobile applications).
    – Development and implementation of complex solutions for the announcement of promotional activities for all marketing channels (email, push, SMS, traffic, UX, design, etc. tools).
    – Implementation of activities online channel according to the general promotional calendar and plan for product focuses.
    – Recommendations for the visual presentation of promo and product activities on banners: text, focuses, color schemes.
    – Setting up complex reporting on E-commerce and marketing campaigns.
  21. Head of the online store
    – Management of a team of development, design, and production of content (10 people): selection, setting tasks, motivation, training.
    – Development and implementation of a comprehensive Internet strategy -marketing to attract targeted traffic to the site and mobile application.
    – Budget planning, budget allocation through Internet channels.
    – Ensuring the fulfillment of the sales plan, revenue growth, increasing key conversion rates, improving the UX and platform of the online store.
    – Content management: analysis of page traffic, customer behavior, development of a content plan to increase conversion, planning email campaigns/product selections.
    – Traffic management: launching and testing new channels for attracting traffic, analyzing efficiency (context, banners, CPA sites, email, marketplaces, referral, and organic), setting goals for promotion on advertising sites, monitoring SEO work, SMO.
    – Participation in the development and implementation of monthly advertising campaigns of activities and promotions in the digital segment (Internet, mobile, SMM, digital PR).
    – Planning and analysis of the effectiveness of trigger mailings,
    – Management of Bitrix platform development and connected systems: needs analysis, assessment, and preparation of technical specifications, testing, etc.
  22. Head of the online store
    – Development management of the Bitrix platform and connected systems: needs analysis, assessment, and preparation of technical specifications together with developers, test planning, etc.
    – Analytics and drawing up reports on the status of testing and existing problems.
    – Traffic management: analysis of the effectiveness of channels for attracting traffic (context, banners, CPA sites, email, market places), setting goals for promotion on advertising sites, monitoring SEO work, SMO.
    – Content management of an online store, monitoring, and optimization.
    – Organization of the smooth operation of an online store.
    – Control and replenishment of warehouse balances, planning shipments for an online store.
    – Work with courier services.
    – Analysis of current market trends, monitoring of competitors.
  23. Head of Internet Marketing
    – Creation of new platforms for various business sectors.
    – Contextual advertising – the creation of large-scale campaigns, automation.
    – SEO-development of Internet sites, internal and external optimization.
    – Search for new channels for disseminating information about offers.
    – Increase in conversion for current visitors.
    – Increase in calls-requests.
    – Increase in the effectiveness of work with customers through Internet channel communications.
  24. Head of E-commerce/Head of E-commerce
    – Management and development of a full range of CRM-activities of an online store.
    – Development and implementation of a strategy for the development of an online store.
    – Management marketing department: developing a strategy for promoting the Internet – SEO, SMM, contest advertising, targeted advertising, affiliate programs.
    – Control over the development of functionality, design, and content of sites.
    – Setting tasks for the IT department to implement various features.
    – Management of the trade process (audit and optimization of all business processes: from order processing to delivery of goods to the client, development of measures aimed at increasing sales, planning and budgeting, cost optimization, implementation of the sales plan).
    – Development and implementation of the Omni-channel trade strategy.
    – Personnel management (control of the call-center, courier service, content managers, IT-specialists, financial and warehouse services).
    – ABC analysis, customer base segmentation, RFM -analysis, A / B-testing.
    – Email and push communications.
    – Analysis of the effectiveness of the operating model of an online store.
    – Participation in tasks for the development and improvement of the interface (design, usability) of the site.
    – Audit and optimization of business processes from order processing to delivery of goods to the client.
    – Content management: analysis of page traffic, customer behavior, development of a content plan to increase conversion, planning email campaigns/product selections.
    – Organization of work on SEO-promotion.
    – Planning marketing events (ATL, BTL), implementation, and monitoring.
    – Conducting advertising campaigns, evaluating KPIs: ROI, ROAS, CTR, BR, AOV, CPC, CPO, LTV, СAC, CPL, ARPV, NPS, etc.
    – Development and implementation of an Omni-channel trading strategy.
    – Development and implementation of a strategy for the development of an online store.
    – Implementation of a digital strategy in the company’s online store and Internet sites.
    – Traffic management: analysis of the effectiveness of traffic attraction channels (context, banners, CPA sites, email, market places, referral, and organic).
    – WEB analytics: control and analysis of advertising campaigns.
    – Improving the UX and platform of the online store.
    – Budget management, budget allocation, advertising budget optimization.
  25. Head of Online Retail Department (e-commerce)
    – Analytics of existing Internet sales processes, optimization, and implementation of new business processes.
    – Development of the Company’s e-commerce direction (e-commerce channel).
    – Development of a direct development strategy.
    – Ensuring the fulfillment of the online sales plan.
    – Maintenance and daily control of sales on Internet sites.
    – Creation, optimization, and management content.
    – Development and implementation of advertising activities, creative concepts.
    – Analysis of competitors by assortment, prices, activities.
  26. Director of e-commerce / Director of e-commerce:
    Management and strategy:
    – developing a strategy for the development of an online store;
    – management of motivation, reporting, and KPI for department employees;
    – development and management of business processes (customer service, product development (website), online marketing, content management, regional logistics, call center);
    – management and coordination of contractors and agencies (development, design, promotion).
    – researching customer behavior ;
    – work to improve the interface (design, usability) of the site;
    – analysis of traffic, channels, user behavior on the site.
    Management and optimization of the following channels:
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Contextual advertising
    • Email marketing
    • Display advertising
    • Targeted advertising
    • SMM
    • Advertising Networks (CPA)
    • Content marketing
    • Message boards (, regional portals)
    • Aggregators of product offers (YandexMarket, Google Merchant, Goods @
    Technical part:
    – management and coordination of development teams (backend + frontend);
    – organization of CRM systems integration;
    – CRM + ERP integration;
    – implementation of various services on the site;
    – organization of mobile application development.
  27. Director of e-commerce / Director of e-commerce
    – Self-development of solutions for the management and development of the Internet channel.
    – Increase in sales and profit of the company.
    – Building and optimization of business processes in all areas of the online store.
    – Building, control, optimization of interaction with the internal divisions of the company (warehouse, 1C, wholesale, retail, accounting).
    – Management of the team of the online store ( sales, logistics, programmers, marketing).
    – Site development and optimization management;
    – Development of the OMNI-channel project.
    – Development and implementation of measures aimed at increasing KPI-indicators.
    – Conclusion store to the leaders in its segment.
    – Reducing costs, increasing profitability, fulfilling plans.
    – SEO-promotion.
  28. Director of e-commerce (e-commerce)
    – Development, launch, and development of an Omnichannel project in the field of e-commerce, retail/wholesale.
    – Development of a marketing strategy following goals of the company, optimization of marketing business processes, development of a loyalty program, digital marketing (SEO, direct, SMM), branding formats, client analytics, and assessment of the market reaction to advertising campaigns for the rapid adaptation of marketing activities.
    – Organization of the Internet store (delivery, warehouse).
    – Budget formation and control of its implementation.
    – Client cycle analytics, client segmentation.
    – Customer service management.
    – Development of staff motivation.
    – Monitoring the implementation of the e-commerce sales plan, assistance in the implementation of the sales plan.
    – Building a development strategy to achieve the set goals.
    – Internet development team management.
  29. Director of E-commerce (retail)
    – Increasing sales through three online retail stores.
    – Conducting a comprehensive audit of online stores (average sales turnover – 15 million rubles).
    – Determination of the strategy of changes in the work of online stores, leading to an increase in their sales.
    – Participation in the formation of the company’s pricing and assortment policy.
    – Operational management of the E-commerce department (three Internet -shop, advertising, web-programmer).
  30. Online store operations manager
    – Development of the network’s e-commerce business, increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers.
    – Building and implementing an e-commerce strategy.
    – Control over the maintenance of a high level of service from the customer support of the online store.
    – Control over the assembly, shipment, and delivery of customer orders (delivery services/pickup).
    – Control over the timely implementation of tasks assigned to the development department.
    – Control over the timely publication of new collections on the site.
    – Control over the timely payment of invoices of counterparties/counterparties.
    – Control over compliance with the adopted regulations and job descriptions.
    – Preparation of reports for management.
    – Launch of new online services.

Examples of KPIs and achievements

ключевые показатели эффективности директора по маркетингу

The main points of attraction in a resume are results and projects. Use the examples below as a basis for creating your own results. They should reflect the core functions of your job, taking into account the objectives of the position for which you are currently applying.

Focus on fresh experiences. This is an axiom. Outdated experience is no longer of interest to the new employer, if only because it is “outdated”. If the year is 2020, then you should not describe in detail the first jobs, indicate the achievements for 2000-2010. and awards that you received at the university if you are already well over 30+.

Internet Marketing Indicators

  • – Traffic
    – Conversion Rate – CTR
    – Bounce Rate
    – Average Check Rate (AOV)
    – CPC (Cost Per Click)
    – CPO (Cost Per Order)
    – ROI (Return Of Investments)
    – Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    – Task Completion Rate (TCR)
    – Return Visitor Ratio
    – Cost Per Lead
    – ARPV (Average Revenue Per Visit)

Key Sales Performance Indicators

  • – Sales volume
    – Sales growth
    – Growth of active customer base
    – Revenue
    – Margin
    – Net profit
    – Operating profit
    – NPS (Net Promoter Score) – an index for determining consumer loyalty
    – Fulfilling the sales plan

Important: Do not forget to indicate the comparison period or the year of the result. For example,

  • Launch of an Affiliate channel with over 5% of e-commerce sales (2019 vs 2018).
  • Increased conversion of traffic-appeal by 30%, conversion of appeal-sale of services by 15%, number of initial calls by 80% (2019 vs 2018).

Key Skills

List of skills required to complete an e-commerce job. Pick the skills you own and include them on your resume.

  • B2B Marketing
  • B2B Sales
  • B2C Marketing
  • B2C Sales
  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online store
  • Online commerce
  • Omnichannel
  • PCE
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • SEO
  • SERM
  • SMM
  • WEB analytics
  • Business Process Automation
  • Product offer aggregators
  • Analysis of indicators
  • Shopping behavior analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Pricing Policy Analysis
  • Sales analytics
  • Assortment Policy
  • Benchmarking
  • Budgeting
  • Negotiating
  • Introducing new brands to the market
  • Business Communication
  • Business correspondence
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • New product launches
  • Online Merchandising
  • Online Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Consumer Research
  • Target audience definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Consulting clients
  • Contextual advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Media planning
  • Display advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Market Monitoring
  • Staff motivation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Staff training
  • Online Sales
  • Operational planning
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Sales planning
  • Planning advertising campaigns
  • Recruiting
  • Training and adaptation of sales managers to the online store
  • Brand Positioning
  • Making presentations
  • Brand Promotion
  • Website Design
  • Key customer development
  • Sales Development
  • Customer Journey Map Development
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Advertising Networks (CPA)
  • Remarketing
  • End-to-end analytics
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Targeted Ads
  • Trade Marketing
  • Assortment Management
  • Internet Project Management
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Online Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Team Management
  • E-commerce Management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Pricing
  • EDI
  • Yandex.Metrica
  • Yandex.Direct
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • 1C
  • 1C Bitrix
  • 1C Integrated Automation
  • BI systems
  • Agile Project Management
  • Appmetrica
  • Appsflyer
  • Adjust
  • Firebase
  • DataStudio
  • CSS
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Optimize
  • GTM (Google tag manager)
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Kanban
  • Magento
  • MS Access
  • MS Excel (formulas, VLOOKUP, pivot tables, etc.)
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Project
  • Optimizly
  • Power BI
  • Prince2
  • Project management
  • Scrum
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Analytic Functions
  • TrackAd
  • UX Usability

Professional qualities

List of personal qualities that are required for the required level of performance of official duties. Pick 3-4 qualities that you possess and include in the resume/cover letter of your choice. This is an optional resume section to fill out.

  • Analytical skills
  • Business-oriented approach
  • Ability to quickly respond to market changes
  • Ability to work in conditions of dynamically changing goals and objectives
  • Ability to lead several strategically important projects of various sizes and durations
  • Attention to detail
  • High uptime
  • High communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Desire to improve your sales skills and knowledge
  • Initiative
  • Customer focus
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to negotiate with both subordinates and clients of any level
  • Ability to lead a team and lead key projects
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • I easily find a common language with colleagues, I can conduct a constructive dialogue with the most difficult interlocutors
  • Ease of communication and making contact with new people
  • Thinking in categories of business processes, business needs, and business opportunities
  • Persistent in achieving the goal
  • Focus on results
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Dispute resolution skills: the ability to “smooth out the rough edges” that may arise when working with clients
  • Focus on achieving results on time
  • Proactive
  • Systems Thinking
  • A systematic approach to solving problems
  • A penchant for innovation and unconventional solutions
  • Ability to inspire and charge the team with thoughts and ideas
  • Ability to identify customer needs and deal with objections from the perspective of a product expert
  • Ability to achieve set marketing goals in projects
  • The ability to distinguish a well-designed site from a bad one
  • Ability to build a modern sales management system through marketing performance and form a successful team
  • Ability to independently manage projects
  • Ability to make independent decisions, develop a firm position on the issues, and the ability to justify it
  • Ability to think broadly and find non-standard solutions
  • Ability to identify a problem, assess its scale and potential benefits from solving it
  • Ability to achieve goals in a rapidly evolving environment and develop a product strategy based on research, data, and current market position
  • Strategic vision and a systematic approach to solving large-scale tasks
  • Strategic thinking
  • Striving to develop and find new ways in online sales that drive sales through this distribution channel
  • Stress resistance
  • Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Demanding and constructive interaction with colleagues
  • You can see both details and the whole picture
  • Ability to motivate to victories, ignite the team’s morale and lead it
  • Ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving, changing environment
  • Ability to analyze a large amount of information and, on its basis, form a sales strategy and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Ability to analyze product and business metrics and draw conclusions
  • Ability to quickly work with a large number of documents in a multitasking environment
  • Ability to build effective communications with heads of various departments of the Company
  • Ability to work with large amounts of information, draw conclusions, prepare recommendations and generate analytical reports
  • Ability to work with metrics and product analytics
  • Ability to speak the same language with developers and designers
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and ensure deadlines are met
  • Ability to independently prioritize to achieve goals on time
  • Ability to set tasks and control the quality of their implementation
  • Ability to build and test hypotheses to influence key business indicators

8. Examples for the “About me” section / writing a cover letter

Section “About me” – a general description of the professional background. It can be in the form of a short paragraph of 1-4 sentences or a bulleted list. Indicate those aspects of your qualifications that are integral components of the vacancy, such as areas of activity, areas of specialization, key competencies, technical skills, certificates, additional education.


Example # 1. Web-analyst
3+ e-commerce experience in an online store, a restaurant chain. Excellent knowledge of the digital market, channels, tools for attracting and retaining traffic
Expert knowledge of GTM, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery (SQL), DataStudio, Yandex Metrica, Firebase, Appmetrica, Adjust, Appsflyer. Strong knowledge of SQL (MySQL, Oracle Analytic Functions). Certified Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica
Experience in setting up analytics systems through Google tag manager.
Basic knowledge of HTML layout and JavaScript, the basics of mathematical statistics.
Experience in conducting custom online/offline surveys. Excellent knowledge of the principles of tag-managers. Experience with split testing systems (Google Optimize, Optimizly).
Example # 2. Online store manager
– I will be able to conduct high-quality analytics of existing sales processes and, if necessary, introduce new ones.
– I will be able to charge and pump the sales department, motivating it and bringing it to new levels.
– I will be able to evaluate and, if necessary, modify the existing KPI system to increase its efficiency.
– I will be able to ensure the fulfillment of the sales plan and increase the average check.
Example # 3. E-commerce Analyst
Experience in launching advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Yandex. Direct, Yandex. Market). Understanding the business processes of an online store.
Advanced user: Google Analytics, GTM, Yandex.Metrica, Power BI; Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs.
Knowledge of HTML, CSS, SQL at the level of writing queries.

Example # 4. Internet Project Manager
5+ experience in a marketing agency with internet projects (e-commerce, retail). Ability to work with web analytics, KPI setting, performance tracking. Knowledge of the principles of building end-to-end analytics. Understanding the specifics of mobile and desktop user experience.
Experience with GTM and CMS, with BI systems.
Basic principles of forming an assortment matrix and nomenclature (establishment, exchange with a website, CRM).
English (fluent).
Example # 5. Key Account Manager E-commerce (online stores, baby products)
5+ experience with online stores Wildberries,,, matrix management, development sales, trade marketing.
I have a systemic mindset, a flexible mind, and the ability to work with a large number of orders at the same time.
Able to work with limited time resources.
ready to implement my skills, skills, great desire to develop and work for the result.
Example # 6. Online store manager
More than 3 years of experience in online sales. Experience in integration with various partner systems and platforms.
Knowledge of the principles and logic of goods movement in the online store. Knowledge of the main elements of the IT architecture of e-commerce projects.
Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, MySQL, etc.
Advanced PC user: 1C, Ms. Office, Excel (summary, VLOOKUP).

Example # 7. Pharmacy Chain Manager (E-commerce channel)
Experience in launching e-commerce areas and working with Internet partners. Knowledge of the basics of Internet marketing and key metrics: which channel influences what and how to measure its effectiveness. Knowledge of the basics of online merchandising.
Example No. 8. Commerce Manager
More than 3 years of experience in sales and trade marketing in a company that manufactures FMCG, OTC drugs, and medical devices. Experience in managing key clients in the field of online retail: Ozon, Wildberries, Beru,, and others).
Experience in an FMCG / OTC / medical device manufacturing company.
I have the skills:
• project management;
• financial analysis;
• negotiation;
• maintaining interpersonal relationships and communications;
• preparation and presentation of presentations.
Experience in cooperation with companies providing fulfillment services.
Example №9. Lead e-commerce manager
Experience of working with marketplaces with “clothing” segment (sport/fashion): Lamoda, Wildberries, Aizel for over 2 years. Practical experience in the development and implementation of an e-commerce development strategy within retail chain companies.
Example # 10. Head of E-Commerce Sales
Over 6 years of experience in Internet sales, including 3 years of experience in managing the sales department. Working with large marketplace sites, online stores for individuals and legal entities (Utkonos, Komus, etc.).
Expertise in internet technology, e-commerce, marketing, and internet promotion.

​​Example №11. Head of Online Retail (e-commerce) Department

Experience in managing an e-commerce department of 10 people. Deep knowledge of business processes and e-commerce tools. Experience in strategic planning in marketing and expert knowledge of the specifics of the e-commerce market.
Experience in creating and launching high-quality Internet projects from scratch. Portfolio link: link.
​​Example # 12. Online store manager Successful experience in organizing an online store with over 70,000 SKUs.
Experience in driving traffic and managing a sales funnel.
Practical experience in Bitrix.
Experience in automation of contextual banner advertising.
I understand in detail the business processes associated with launching an online store, I have a high level of analytical thinking, experience in working with advertising budgets from 500,000 rubles/month.
Example # 13. Head of online store (food)
More than 5 years of experience as ahead of the department. 3 years of experience in the food and consumer goods business.
Fluency in online promotion and marketing technologies.

​​Example №14. Head of E-commerce

10+ experience in online sales in B2C and B2B sectors.
Experience of implemented E-commerce projects in retailers / online retailers with an online sales turnover of more than 30 million rubles per month.
Experience in launching Internet projects from scratch with building all business processes, including logistics and operations.
Expertise in SEO / SMM / Targeted advertising / Сontextual advertising. Experience with online platforms and marketplaces: Lamoda, Wildberries, Ozon, KupiVip.
Cases of work performed under my supervision (SMM, mailing lists, online advertising, design, websites, other advertising): link to portfolio projects.
Example # 15. Head of e-commerce business
5+ experience in large international e-commerce projects (marketplaces / CPA networks with a product or e-com / online stores).
Proven experience in achieving KPIs: increasing e-commerce profits, launching projects on the international market. Experience in the formation and implementation of digital strategies, deep knowledge of modern online marketing tools.
Skills for building an effective team, strong delegation and distribution skills.
​​Example # 16. Head of E-Commerce

2+ years experience of working with Internet sites and marketplaces: Lamoda, Wildberries, Ozon, KupiVip, etc. Experience of interaction with decision-makers of companies in this segment.
Knowledge of the workflow process and logistics requirements.
Example # 17. Marketing Activities Team Leader (Online)
I know:
• fundamentals of trade marketing and methods of managing content materials in E-commerce;
• basics of visual presentation of information on content materials in E-commerce;
• key performance indicators in online commerce and the main methods of assessing and maximizing these indicators;
• main methods of assortment analysis (ABC analysis, comparative, dynamic).
Example # 18. E-Commerce Director
Practical experience in launching and operational management of online stores. Sales turnover per month from 20 million rubles. Proven experience in developing and implementing strategies in e-commerce, in Internet marketing. Professional understanding of online sales, business processes of an online store, digital marketing (contextual advertising, SEO, SMM and targeting, direct-marketing, CPA, “capture” and “push” channels, etc.).
Ownership of Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, end-to-end analytics systems. Experience in implementing customer service.

Example # 19. E-Commerce Director
5+ experience in managing a successful Internet project in retail. Experience in organizing the work of departments: sales, logistics, marketing, programmers/developers. More than 30 people are subordinate.
Expert knowledge of retail e-commerce technologies and major channels for driving ad traffic. Successful experience in promoting sites in search engines, attracting traffic, increasing conversion.
Availability of cases to increase conversion and reduce the cost of the attracted client.

Bug fixing

After completing all sections of the resume, check the text for errors several times. As they say: “measure seven times, cut once.” In our case: “check seven times, send once.”

Before sending a response, be sure to read again the finished resume and cover letter, even if it seems to you that you have already corrected all the shortcomings and mistakes. You can print the resume and CL, making the necessary notes on paper – so all the shortcomings and errors will be more conspicuous than checking documents in electronic form.

  • 5 main rules of resume design: how to write a resume technically correctly and check for errors. What not to do?
  • 10 rules of punctuation: where to put a space, and where to put a dash and a comma, how to style a bulleted list, and much more in the article

3 основных тренда в маркетинге для e-commerce на 2018 год -

Example of a cover letter for a job application: Head of eCommerce

Job applications are one of the most effective resources you have during your active job search. If you are interested in a vacancy, write a cover letter for your resume – just 2-3 paragraphs, in which you can tell as briefly as possible why you are suitable for this position.

Take the time to prepare a job application. Before submitting your resume, carefully study the vacancy and determine how your experience matches the requirements in the description. In your response, indicate 3 key functional areas with examples of completed projects that make you the most competitive.

N! B! Most HR managers in large companies do not consider a resume without a cover letter.


Sample Job Cover Letter: Head of E-Commerce
Dear Irina! Please consider my resume for the vacancy “Head of e-commerce “.

I have more than 5 years of experience as a head of e-commerce and 3 years as the head of an online store in the field of grocery retail.
I have expert knowledge of online sales management and business processes of an online store.

I have practical experience in driving traffic and managing a sales funnel. Successful experience in developing an online store with more than 55,000 SKUs with confirmed KPIs: sales growth, profit growth, growth in key conversion rates.

Key competencies:
• Formation and implementation of a digital strategy, deep knowledge of modern online marketing tools (contextual advertising, SEO, SMM and targeting, direct-marketing, CPA, “capture” and “push” channels, etc.).
• Skills of project budgeting, increasing profitability, reducing costs with increasing traffic.
• Project management: forming technical specifications, setting tasks, attracting and managing all resources at launch.
• Development and optimization management site, knowledge of IT and e-commerce technologies.
• Work with Yandex. Direct, Yandex.Metrica, Google AdWords, Google Analytics. Good understanding of the basics of Internet analytics and end-to-end analytics systems

I know the e-commerce market, its features and specifics, online marketing and promotion channels, as well as trends, develop.
Professional qualities: strategic thinking, analytical mindset, creativity, focus on results, the ability to work in a team and develop it, the ability to prioritize tasks and ensure compliance with deadlines, good communication skills.

Experience of implemented E-commerce projects in retailers / online retailers with an online sales turnover of more than RUB 30 million per month. Link to the portfolio of projects: HTTP:// portfolio

I speak English fluently.

Thank you for reading my resume.
I would be glad to receive an invitation for an interview. Sincerely,
F. I.
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