The PRIX index oil export forecast

The PRIX index forecasts the effect of political developments on exports from major petroleum-producing countries. It provides one global index number representing the sum of political risks that may affect oil exports from the world’s 20 largest petroleum-exporting countries, and thus the price of oil in international markets. An index value of 50 indicates that no politically driven change in oil exports is expected. A value below 50 indicates that political developments are expected to contribute to lower exports, while a score above 50 corresponds to higher exports.  

Fluctuations in oil export volumes can affect the balance between supply and demand in oil markets, thus contributing to oil price changes.

A high index value (and growing supply of oil) contributes to a falling oil price; a low index value (and a decreasing oil supply) contributes to a rising oil price. To learn more about how the index is calculated, see here.  

The PRIX index is based on the input of between 200 and 300 Country Analysts, each of whom has expertise on one of the 20 countries covered by the index. If you would like to apply to become a Country Analyst, see here  

The index is updated quarterly. To sign up for future index updates, see here  

To comment on the index, send an email to info@prixindex.net